Zori Balayan

Zori Balayan

Dr. Lur Zori from Balayan. What happened…

Civic. am writes:

Today we published an article in which it is mentioned that according to some information, writer and publicist Zori Balayan left for London with his family.

A little while ago, Zori Balayan’s son, surgeon Hayk Balayan, called our editorial office, assuring us that his father and any member of his family did not go to London, they are in Yerevan.

“Neither my father nor our family went to London. My father is in Yerevan, he has been seriously ill for 2 years.

he has a problem with his memory,” Hayk Balayan said, adding that he does not agree with the assessments made against his father.

He also assured that his son took part in the 44-day war as a conscript soldier, and he also entered the combat path.


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