Zoravar Andranik kayaran

Zoravar Andranik station was not included in the construction section of the metro (according to the underground high-speed tram project), because there should have been a tunnel portal in its place. After the project became a subway in 1977, the portal was moved south to its modern location, and the project included the Khotemberyan station, which, however, had not been built until the line opened in the spring. Due to severe hydrogeological conditions in 1981. The builders moved part of the running tunnels to the station tunnels, after which they forgot about this station for several years..

it was necessary to urgently build the southern part of the line from the depot, which was not included in the high-speed tram project. They returned to the Oktemberyan station only in the mid-80s. The station had to be built on the existing platform, without stopping the movement of trains (like Gorkovskaya in Moscow). In order not to disrupt the existing architectural appearance and to better connect the lobby with the existing and planned underground passages, the station lobby is designed underground, and the roof serves as a recreation area in the system of the surrounding area. The lobby is two-story, square in shape. The utility and utility rooms are located at ground level and on the lower floor. Entrances to the lower floor are located on the sides of the hall..

The entrance to the cash register and police room is on the right. The walls of the lobby are lined with travertine, and the floor with reddish granite. In the center of the hall is the entrance to the escalator. The station has 3 escalators ET-3. The escalator incline was originally lit by lamps mounted on the railings. After the overhaul in 2011, the lamps were moved to the walls.

Due to the difficult geological conditions and the construction in the conditions of the existing subway, the proportions of the station turned out to be difficult, so it was decided to abandon the stone cladding of the pillars and only the openings and their frames; the squares in which the horseshoe arches are written must be faced.


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