Zeynab Gyumri

Armenia needs help. The famous scientist, writer and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote about this on social networks. In his post, he also mentioned former Minister of State of Artsakh Ruben Vardanyan.

“My friend Ruben Vardanyan is in Azerbaijani captivity. He is not even treated as a prisoner of war, but as a “terrorist,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb noted.

Representatives of the United States and Ukraine reached agreements on the joint production of certain types of weapons and the exchange of technical data. This is stated in the press service of the Pentagon..

As noted in the department, a conference dedicated to issues related to the military-industrial complex of Ukraine has started in Washington. In it, “U.S. and Ukrainian officials signed a statement of intent regarding the joint production of critical weapons and the priority exchange of technical information between the countries to urgently meet the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that it is necessary to “strengthen Ukraine’s military-industrial base, both to support it during ongoing military operations and to strengthen its national power and deterrence in the long term.”


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