Zaruhi Babayan

Zaruhi Babayan…

Zaruhi Babayan’s favorite singer is sad

Singer Zaruhi Babayan was a guest on Nazeni Hovhannisyan’s “Bridges” program.

“I started working at the State Theater of Song as a teacher, and when that job started, a year or two had passed, I had serious problems with my voice, which caused a lot of depression for me.

I think it was from a lot of abuse of my voice and some other health problems. We had so many performances at that time, I remember so well when I played the role of Snow White at the State Theater of Yergi during the New Year’s performances.

We were young, there was no need to be afraid, there was no need to think, the most important thing is that you are beautiful, the most important thing is to sing well and that later became a problem. And I was very thin, in a beautiful dress, with puffy, bruised hands, but I was a snow-white, the cutest snow-white in the city, that’s how I was branded.

But after a few years I had serious voice problems and I couldn’t overcome those problems. I understood that I could not sing, and Grigorich had no idea that I had such serious problems. It was unfortunate for me, I wanted to sing but I couldn’t.”

The video is below


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