As a result of the assault of the dog, the young woman who was moved to the National Center for Infencion Diseases died tonight.

In a conversation with “Pastnief”, the Spokesman for the Minister of Health Mariam Tsatryan said that the cause of death was a disease.

“The incident was late, the situation became fast. It is still necessary to find out why it was not vaccinated because the MC, where he turned after the dog attack, was provided with a vaccine. ”

It should be reminded that the affected woman was from the Lernagog community of Armavir region, the mother of 4 children.

Yesterday, the mayor of the mountaineering was told that after the incident, the woman refused to be vaccinated, the treatment was initially normal, but later her condition was deteriorated and difficult to move to Yerevan.

The dog attacked the woman was believed to be a stray alive.


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