Vtar 10meqena

Vtar 10meqena

Terrible accident in Armenia. 10 cars got into each other

shamshyan.com writes:

Today, January 30, a chain car accident took place in Ararat Marz due to the ice on the road…

BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Opel Zafira, Opel, VAZ 2107, Nissan March, Lada, VAZ 2106 and Samara cars. 

According to preliminary information, fortunately, there were no casualties.

Documents are drawn up based on the fact of the accident, where the identity of the drivers will be revealed. According to the photojournalist, the drivers mentioned that the road was icy, but no work was done to treat it with salt and sand.

Notification. The person suspected or accused of the alleged crime is considered innocent until his guilt is proven by the legally binding verdict of the court in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code.


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