Vova 27

An exclusive program was once aired on one of the Russian TV channels, but it was later removed..

Today, a video has appeared on the Internet, where the footage that was kept secret for so long has been restored..

Vova Gasparyan, the Minister of Internal Affairs at that time, made remarkable discoveries related to the October 27 incident…
Check out the exclusive details in the video below…

Karen Demirchian…1954 graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. Engineer-mechanic. He was awarded with two Red Banner of Labor (1966, 1971), October Revolution (1976) and other orders.

1954-1955 From 1955 to 1966, he worked as a senior engineer-designer at one of Leningrad’s research institutes, from 1955 to 1966, at the Yerevan Electrotechnical Factory, rising from foreman to the position of director. 1966 was elected the secretary of the Yerevan City Committee of the CPA, in 1972-1974, the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPA, in 1974-1988, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPA. 1991-1999 was the executive director and chairman of the board of “Hayelektramekena” CJSC. In 1998 was a candidate for the RA President. In 1999 since April, co-chairman of “Miastunun” bloc.

1999 On May 30, he was elected a member of the National Assembly on the proportional list of the “Unity” bloc. On June 10, he was elected the Speaker of the National Assembly. Member of the “Unity” faction. Founding chairman of PPA.

Died in 1999. on October 27 during the NA session.He was married and has two children.Awarded by the President of RA in 1999 for exceptional services to the Motherland. by the decree of December 27, he was posthumously awarded the highest title of “National Hero of Armenia”.


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