Yesterday evening, the Armenian nation learned shocking and painful news. Popular singer Ara Martirosyan suffered a cardiac arrest
The singer had a heart problem, received drips from time to time, and during another visit, Ara’s heart condition suddenly worsened, after which he was transferred to the intensive care unit, where the singer’s heart stopped..

Doctors fought to save the singer’s life, but, unfortunately, they could not. However, singer Ara Martirosyan is one of those celebrities who rarely spoke about his personal life, his family… BUT…

Ara has 2 children: a 21-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son. While talking about his life’s achievements, Ara always singled out his family and children, as well as his successes in singing.

The singer’s children are in the United States. The singer noted that he was absent from his homeland many years ago because of the young age of his son, who was studying in the United States.
Ara’s son, 18-year-old Allan, is involved in hockey and has achieved great success. The connection between the singer and his son was endless…


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