Vordegrum Bezrukov

A WOMAN SHOULD LOVE. SERGEY WITH BEZRUKA: Everyone is religious to some extent. After all, at some stage of life, everyone remembers the name of God. My main shortcoming is not opening up to the end. Remember that only positive emotions can open up a person and make him happy. Live clearly and brightly. I want the audience to relive the loss of Pushkin once again thanks to the performance and theater. When you feel the pain of losing tears in your eyes, you bring the person closer to you. And Pushkin ceases to be a collection of poems, the reason for the grade “2” in the diary, but a living, close person for whom you worry. Modern criticism is like the inquisition, they don’t believe in art, but they earn money by criticizing it and hiding.

Now, it seems to me, the time has come not for computer technologies, but for ideas. People need hope now, they need light. I am responsible for my words. My father taught me that if you are a man, you should be confident and strong. You should not grumble, complain, drink, argue and destroy yourself. The question is not in the number of women, but in their quality, and if He is by your side, why continue searching? A woman should be loved, simply loved, and if you want to educate someone, buy a dog.


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