Vardan Sargsyan…

Vardan Sargsyan…

We went on vacation with the family and during that vacation my father died. We lived in Cuba for 21 days…’s Absolute Value program is hosted by Vardan Sargsyan.

During the program, the latter was honest and mentioned that he has gone through a rather long and difficult path in the field, in order to strengthen his business and keep up with his competitors.

StarNews tracked the conversation. Vardan mentioned that in the beginning, he was also met with mockery, and many people took his activities seriously.

According to Vards, he did not give in to those rumors, on the contrary, he went forward with greater strength. Speaking about the fact that the latter almost always goes to work together with family members, the presenter said that the only reason for this is nostalgia, and now he just wants to spend a lot of time with his mother and sister.

During the program, Vardan spoke frankly and also talked about his father’s death. “We were traveling as a family when it was found out in Cuba that my father has very serious health problems.

We lived in very harsh conditions for 21 days, it was terrible both psychologically and physically. We did everything to save his father’s life, but unfortunately we did not succeed.”

Speaking about building his personal life, Vardan said that today he is thinking about having his own family and believes that he will share that news very soon.


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