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BE CAREFUL. 8 Signs Your Dead Relatives Are Trying to Contact You


When the spirits of the dead want to tell us something, our bodies seem to tune in to receive signals and our sensory perception is heightened.

We hear familiar intonations in someone else’s voice, feel as if someone is touching us, or suddenly catch in our mouths the taste of a dish we once ate with a person who has died. We also perceive smells differently…

Familiar scents

Communication through smells is one of the common ways to send a signal from another world to a person. As a rule, it is expressed by the fact that we begin to smell strange smells.

This could be a perfume that the deceased loved to wear, or any other scent that you strongly associate with them.


Among esotericists, shells are considered a kind of sign – a warning that the dead want to talk to you. Therefore, if you often come across sea shells, consider them as a gift from departed loved ones. And try to feel that one of them may be very close at this moment.

By the way, coins also play a similar role. if you constantly come across small money, it means that the soul of one of your loved ones is invisibly present somewhere nearby.

Strange malfunctions of electrical devices

Spirits are essentially coils of energy and that is why they often affect how electrical fields work. For example, a light bulb can vibrate in the presence of a spirit, and electrical devices can turn themselves on or off.

Computers may behave strangely, the radio or TV may change channels, in the case of a car the engine may not start, etc.

In this way, the souls of our relatives try to attract attention. No need to be afraid or nervous. By doing this, sometimes they try to keep us out of trouble.


One of the most obvious ways to communicate with loved ones who have passed on to another world is through dream communication. It is believed that it is easier for spirits to communicate with the animal world at night than during the day.

Therefore, do not ignore significant dreams in which you see the dead, most likely, in this way, they left you a message that needs to be deciphered.

Stopping the clock frequently

If the mechanical clock in your house suddenly stops, remember the time when your loved ones died.

If it matches, it means that information from another world has been prepared for you.

Rearranging things

Don’t worry if you begin to systematically notice that someone seems to be deliberately rearranging things around the house. It is likely that spirits are “playing around” trying to contact you. Accept this fact without fear and try to get on the same wavelength with them, making it clear that you have accepted their presence. And wait for the next signs.

Strange music

It happens that a person everywhere begins to hear a melody that is considered rare (and which the loved one loved very much). It even gets to the point that radio stations start randomly playing this or that song, which “chases” the frequency of the listener. Yes, the dead can talk to us like this.



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