EXCLUSIVE. How Tigran Asatryan’s son reconciled his father and uncle Artash

Another guest of Amalya Hovhannisyan’s LIFEROOM program is singer Tigran Asatryan. During the program, the singer touched on a number of topics. Including his relationship with his brother’s family.

StarNews picked the thoughts. “I love my brother Artash’s family very much, we have a very warm relationship. There was a time when we did not communicate with our brothers and it happened in all families, no matter what pauses, speech or conversation.

In any case, since the wedding started today, we have a very good relationship not only with Artash, but also with his son Grisho. At the wedding of Artash’s daughter, I gave the first congratulations together with my family, I congratulated and rejoiced. But I could not go for the most honorable reason: I had problems at that time, which were not resolved yet.

There were omissions from the lawyers, and for that I have been living in the USA for 23 years and more and I don’t have papers, but thank God, I can already see the light and it will be resolved in a very short time. I will also start my travels, starting from Armenia.

There was only one problem, when you come here, there is a deadline during which you have to submit your papers and wait 6 months for an answer, call the lawyer to give me an answer.

It turned out that he had made a mistake. He gave me my money back and I applied again, with a different lawyer, but that story had already left a big mark. I will only say one thing. I came to the US legally. I have always tried to give advice and useful advice, there were times when Artash would not listen a little due to his health, family and to some extent the distance between us was the reason.

If we were close to each other, our contact would be restored sooner. Our conflict lasted two years. My son’s wedding was in 2022 and Artash was in the United States. My son said that he should go and tell Hopar to come and be a groomsman at his wedding. I said that I don’t see any problem or obstacle.

My son called Artash, I was not a grandson. Everyone knows that I never told my children not to communicate with them, I said that if I have a problem, it’s mine and don’t let it affect you, because we are brothers, we have the same blood and the problem will not go away. In short, my son called and said that he wanted to see, he went and talked.

Artash said that he would come with love, but he asked if I want him to be present. My son said yes. My son called me and told me to be at home, he would come in 15 minutes, but I didn’t know that he would follow Artash to our house. Razmik Amyan was also at our house at that time and knew about our conflict.

I saw that Artash came to our house with my son. we hugged, there was the same warmth. At one point, Razmik was also frozen, he didn’t know what was happening. And we passed that moment with one word, taunting each other, and until today, blood will not turn to water.

We hugged, had a good drink and toasted our families and that moment. My father, if he had been there even for a minute, our problem would not have lasted. The problem had absolutely nothing to do with property. I deny all those hypotheses.”


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