The situation is very serious. Help needed

As a result of the fuel warehouse accident in Artsakh, there are hundreds of victims. It is still not possible to determine the exact number of victims. In the Republican Medical Center and Stepanakert Children’s Hospital, medical care is being provided to the victims in the conditions of limited medical and drug opportunities, however, it is not enough.. In order to save the lives of the victims, there is an urgent need to evacuate them by air.. The situation is extremely serious. is… It is necessary… In Artsakh, especially at this time, the situation is critical, it is necessary to provide all the potential of Mother Armenia for the salvation of our compatriots. It is necessary to introduce (A.D) in RA and devote full force to the task of rescuing hundreds of wounded and dead people. Mr. Pashinyan, I urge you to listen to this call. This is a serious issue and requires quick solutions. Lilit Mesropyan wrote on her page


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