The driver

The driver…

The driver was drunk and did not have a driver’s license

It was found out that in 2022 the circumstances of the traffic accident that took place on November 25 on the Sevan-Martuni-Getap road․ The driver drove the car under the influence of alcohol, not having the right to drive a vehicle.

2022 on November 25, around 01:30, on the 58 km section of the Sevan-Martuni-Getap road, “Volkswagen-GOLF-1.8” and “BMW-325-i” cars collided with each other, as a result of which “BMW-325 The driver of the “-i” car and one of the passengers were taken to the “Martunu” medical center with bodily injuries, while another passenger of the same car and the driver and two passengers of the “Volkswagen-GOLF-1.8” car died on the spot.

During the preliminary investigation of the criminal proceedings, the person found in the “BMW-325-i” car, who is a resident of Gegharkunik region, always denied the fact that he was driving the said car and claimed in his testimony that the person who was taken to the medical center with him was driving the car at the time of the accident, reports The investigative committee.

However, as a result of the large-scale evidentiary and procedural activities carried out during the preliminary investigation, the use of effective investigative tactics, as well as the factual data obtained as a result of the conclusion obtained as a result of the forensic autotechnical, forensic medical and forensic forensic complex examination appointed by the body implementing the proceedings with clear baseline data and targeted questions, it was substantiated,

that in 2022 on November 26, around 01:30, the mentioned resident of Gegharkunik marz, in the state of consuming alcohol, not having the right to drive a vehicle, drove the “BMW-325-i” car on the Sevan-Martuni-Getap highway, from the city of Sevan to in the direction of Martuni city.

Having reached the 58th kilometer section of the mentioned highway, the administrative area of Lichq settlement, the latter, violating the requirements of Article 23, Part 3 of the RA Law “On Ensuring Road Traffic Safety” and Clauses 65 and 2 of the Road Traffic Rules, the car drove the permissible 90 km /h exceeding 160 km/h, then at a speed of 200 km/h and take it out into the oncoming traffic lane, making left-hand traffic.

As a result, it created an emergency situation, as a result of which it collided with a “Volkswagen-GOLF-1.8” car traveling from the city of Martuni to the city of Sevan in the traffic lane of the opposite direction.

As a result of the accident, the driver of the “Volkswagen-GOLF-1.8” car, two passengers, as well as one of the passengers of the “BMW-325-i” car were killed, and the health of the other passenger of the “BMW-325-i” car was threatened. imminent serious harm.

Based on the obtained sufficient facts, the driver of the “BMW-325-i” car was charged under Article 342, Part 4 of the RA Criminal Code. A petition has been submitted to the court to apply his detention as a preventive measure.

The investigation is ongoing.


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