The 19-year-old soldier

The 19-year-old soldier was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound

According to information of, on April 7, an emergency occurred in Gegharkunik region. Around 08:30, the Chambarak police department of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs received an alert from the “Chambarak” medical center that a citizen was taken to them with a gunshot wound.

The police found out that 19-year-old Tigran Ch, a resident of Aragatsotn marz, was taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of “gunshot injury to the left foot” as a result of accidentally shooting himself in the leg while loading the firearm.

According to the source, the injured is a conscript soldier.

Documents were drawn up in the Chambarak police department regarding the incident, which were transferred to the Garrison Investigation Department of the RA Investigative Committee, where criminal proceedings were initiated.



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