Tatev Asatryan and Nzhdeh

Singer Tatev Asatryan was a guest on Azat Hakobyan’s Studio Vibes program.

“My body is very good now, thank God. Thousands of people ask, but physically I cannot answer them all.

Now he is studying very well, I would adopt him if I could, but I can’t, because the child actually has parents on paper and they are against the adoption and it is a long process.

It takes years to adopt a child, but now he is very well, now papa is watching the child, he lives with papa as he wishes.

Nzhdeh now plays the dhol, he is a very talented child, he feels very strong rhythm.

Now he doesn’t know, but I will tell him that I have a video about Gyumri, which I will make as soon as I go to Armenia, and I want him to play the dhol himself, we will have a nice video together.”



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