Syuniq zo…

In the heart of the Goris-Kapan road, there stood an ancient oak tree known as the “Whispering Sentinel.” Legend had it that the tree possessed the ability to convey messages between the living and the departed.

One moonlit night, a troubled soul named Aram sought solace beneath the Whispering Sentinel. As he poured out his heart to the silent tree, a gentle breeze rustled through its leaves, carrying with it a whispered response—a message from his late grandfather, offering guidance and comfort.

From that moment on, Aram visited the oak tree regularly, finding peace and clarity in its whispered wisdom. Word spread of the tree’s mystical powers, drawing travelers from far and wide who sought answers, solace, and connection to the unseen realm.

The Whispering Sentinel became a symbol of hope and healing, a silent witness to the stories and secrets shared beneath its branches. And though its mysteries remained shrouded in whispers, its presence along the Goris-Kapan road continued to inspire and uplift weary souls on their journeys.


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