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On another important topic. “There are rumors that on the evening of November 9, I was pushed to sign, to sign that infamous paper, so to speak, Barkhudarlu, Khremlu, etc., all those packages together, and Onik urged me, warned me and allowed me. did not let me sign that paper in that version. Meanwhile, the reality is the opposite: I said, I will cut off my hands, no matter what happens, I will not sign the paper with that version.”

“We can get out of here now, let’s go and say: no, he’s not there either, he’s not there, he’s not there either. It means that a war will start at the end of the week.”

This is how the Prime Minister’s statements about the four non-enclave villages under Armenian control in Tavush changed in three years. Nikol Pashinyan did the first during the 2021 election campaign, during the meeting with the residents of Achajur, and the second in Tavush, a few days ago, when he expressed his willingness to start the partial delimitation from this marz and went to meet the locals.

When he fought for power again with the slogan “There is a future”, he denied that he was ready to hand over those villages to Azerbaijan when he signed the cease-fire declaration on November 9, 2020. Now, when Baku demands their immediate return, it argues that they are not in the de jure territory of Armenia.

“What kind of concession are we talking about?” What is our position that the border of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was agreed on the basis of the 1991 Almaty Declaration, should be demarcated and demarcated? What is ours is ours, what is not ours is not ours, and we should be guided by this logic,” the Prime Minister announced during the question-and-answer session in the National Assembly this week.


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