Suren / Crocus

The large auditorium (6,200 seats) can, if necessary, be transformed into a small auditorium with a capacity of 2,200 people (parterre, amphitheater) or a medium one with a capacity of 3,200 spectators (parterre, amphitheater, mezzanine). The stalls can be turned into a dance stall for 1,700 spectators (with this format, the maximum capacity of the hall is 7,233 people) or into a dance stall with a fan zone for 5,000 spectators (with this format, the maximum capacity of the hall is 9,527 people). It is also possible to install tables for corporate events, social events, and music awards..

Crocus City Hall strives to create the most comfortable conditions for a large number of spectators – the site is equipped with a three-level parking lot for more than 6 thousand spaces (underground, ground and roof).
You can also get to Crocus City Hall by metro – the Myakinino station is located on the territory of Crocus City, from here there is a direct transition to the concert hall. You can enter the concert hall either through the main entrance or through the parking lot.
The site is equipped with everything necessary for people with disabilities to attend events..

On the 2nd floor of the hall there is a Museum in Memory of Muslim Magomayev, where viewers can get acquainted with the personal belongings of the great singer, an exhibition of paintings written by Magomayev, photographs from the family archive, concert tailcoats and numerous prizes collected around the world over decades of his musical career.

Crocus City Hall hosts more than 250 events a year, which are attended by up to a million spectators annually. Among them are fans of music of absolutely all genres, from classical and jazz to hard rock, lovers of colorful dance performances, theater and ballet, as well as sports fans.


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