Super Saqo

“He did a good thing, I won’t say it in a bad way, he cleaned the music that we have today,” American-Armenian rapper Super Sako said in a conversation with a group of journalists in the court yard of Shengavit today, referring to The interview given to the public television company, which caused a great stir.

Let us remind you, during the “Out of Character” program, he said that the mugham was ours from the beginning, and Komitas cleaned it. He said that he doesn’t regret what he said on Public TV. “What I said, I said correctly. The only thing was that Komitas didn’t do it for PR, but he composed the notes of many country songs himself and made the really good music that we have today. I bow before our elders.”

“I don’t know how to read and write Armenian, I’ve been living in America for 35 years, so much that I speak, I learned by myself. I always come to Armenia, I support all Armenian businesses, everything Armenian,” said Super Sako, Sargis Balasanyan.

He insisted: “In the end I was right, Vardapet corrected our notes and got the good music we have today. I wanted to say that we also had all that, yesterday I talked with so many people, scientists, singers, composers, I wanted to be more informed, and I learned wonderful things.”


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