URGENTLY REPLACED….Rapture is not discounted.

“Iravunk” newspaper writes:

“The anti-Russian actions of the interim administration of Armenia, that is, according to Lavrov’s definition, Nikol and members of the Communist Party of Ukraine, have already started bearing their fruits in the field of humanitarian cooperation as well.

Thus, the Russian side refused to hold a number of previously planned important events in Armenia in the fields of education, science, environmental protection, culture and other humanitarian cooperation. Moreover, those measures were financed exclusively by means of the Russian side and could have very positive results for Armenia.

As the head of one of the canceled programs told us. “First you should decide who you are with and what you want. Only after that, one can think about restoring or not restoring the programs that should have given Armenia great benefit at our expense. Your leadership decided that your country did not need that benefit. Well, that’s your choice.”


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