Sona Israyelyan

As it is already known, the artist-designer Sona Israelyan passed away… Today, in the Church of Saint Hovhannes the Baptist, the funeral ceremony of the latter took place. Many people ask who Sona was and what was the reason for her death..

It should be noted that Sona’s friends talk about her with all warmth and respect. Sona worked in the Kulthome company and was the author of many successful and beautiful projects… He was the driving force for the team. The company, announcing the death penalty of one of its best employees, Sona Israelyan, noted that her death was unexpected, incomprehensible, incomprehensible..

Let us add that perhaps the reason was the health problem, but it is not so important, because the soft-hearted, kind, willing and at the same time expert artist-designer still had a lot to give to the world…Fall asleep playing. We offer our condolences to the relatives and friends.


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