SofiDevoyan pesa

“Zhoghovurd” daily writes: “The Baghramyan poultry factory, which produces poultry meat and eggs, has not been working for more than a year, and the owner, Armenak Khachatryan, is under investigation. Moreover, “Zhoghovurd” became aware that all the companies belonging to Armenak Khachatryan, including “Havitsa” and “Gzhuk” LLCs, were declared bankrupt due to the inability to repay large credit obligations..

The fact that this company suffered the main blow in 2014 is noteworthy. at the end of the year, when the dollar exchange rate rose sharply. remember, a number of companies suffered huge losses at that time.

By the way, it became known to “Zhoghovurd” that A. Hovhannes Poghosyan, the son of dancer and actress Sofi Devoyan, who owns the Gndevaz poultry factory, is also on the list of creditors of Khachatryan’s bankrupt company. Poghosyan handed it over to A. Khachatryan, but the latter disappeared after accumulating debts here as well.”

More details in today’s issue of “Zhoghovurd” daily.


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