Shahum amerikahay

On another topic. The most rated sports review these days was held in Phuket, Thailand. Here, famous weightlifters fought not only for the World Cup, but also for tickets to the Paris Olympic Games. Garik Karapetyan, weighing 102 kg, was the first among the five Armenian delegates to take a place on the podium. In the snatch exercise, he didn’t show himself badly, he lifted 185 kg and won a small bronze medal. The competition in the push-up exercise was the most attractive. This time, the Armenian weightlifter lifted 216 kg, registering 401 kg in the doubles, which secured him a silver medal.

And the best in this weight class was recognized by the Chinese Liu Huanhui, who not only surpassed his competitors, showing 413 kg in the doubles, but also, pushing 232 kg, set a new world record. It is understandable that the performances of Varazdat Lalayan and his teammate Simon Martirosyan, who recently won the title of European champion in the super heavyweight category, were of particular interest to us. With their participation, the World Cup ended on Thursday, Armenia ended with the national anthem, which was solemnly played in honor of Varazdat Lalayan’s brilliant speech. The Armenian Duke had no equal in both snatch and push exercises. The result he showed in the duel – 463 kg (210+253) – was the absolute one, which was recorded in the prestigious competition arena. Varazdat’s main competitor was Iranian Ali Daudin with a result of 454 kg. And Simon Martirosyan was satisfied with the result of 440 kg (195+245) and took the fourth place.

As for the Olympic tickets, they will be given to the three most prominent weightlifters of Armenia, whose names will be known a little later. The other day, Yerevan also turned into another respectable competition venue. In the sports and concert complex, more than 200 samba athletes fought for the World Cup, in other words, the skilled masters of self-defense without weapons. Overall, Armenian samba athletes did not perform badly: they won three silver and 11 bronze medals.


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