Sad news regarding the Headmaster

Lilit Sarukhanyan, a teacher of one of Vanadzor’s schools, died. The details are below. Since the morning, his friends, relatives and colleagues flooded the Internet with posts. It is clear from the records that the teacher was quite popular and respected. We present some of the posts below: Our lightless light was opened… My dear soul, my colleague, my light LILIT… We can talk about your person, teacher, friend, kindred spirit for hours, but those who know you only know who they have lost. Your delicate fingers, your loud laugh and your lovely, lovely face will remain in my memory… my role model, my best example, my pride. When I pass by the first school, I will always look for you, because I know you are forever at your favorite workplace, next to your students. With your absence, the world lacked kindness and love.
May your soul be in the lights, be eternal next to your Lord, whom you loved so much… I hug you from the distance of space, hoping that one day we will definitely meet.


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