Sad news from Mr. Kasparyan . PHOTO

Sad news from Mr. Kasparyan . PHOTO

Sad news from Mr. Kasparyan . PHOTO:

The “Aznavour” Foundation reports that the famous French-Armenian photographer Rozhe Kasparyan, who was called “the eye of the 60s”, has died.

“He immortalized many famous artists and figures in his lens: Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf, “The Beatles”, Brel, Gainsbourg, Halliday, “The Rolling Stones” and others.

His relationship with Charles Aznavour was especially special. the photographer documented his life, from his first triumphant performance at the Alhambra to hundreds of other episodes of his illustrious career. In recent years, Rozhe Kasparyan and his daughter became devoted friends and supporters of the “Aznavour” Foundation.

Roger’s last collaboration with us was a few days ago, on February 4, within the framework of the “Aznavour Classique” concert organized by the Cannes Foundation. We express our condolences to the Kasparyan family at this difficult time. After the 2020 Artsakh war, the photographer and his daughter Lidia visited Artsakh to document the destruction of the war and our historical monuments.

Later, those photos were displayed in various exhibition halls around the world, testifying without words to the difficult episodes of the history of the Armenian people and the rich cultural heritage. “Since 2020, Rozhe Kasparyan often returned to Armenia,” the foundation’s message said.



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