Russians were denied entry

Russians were denied entry

From May 29, Norway will ban the entry of Russians to the country for the purpose of tourism. This was announced by the Norwegian government.

“The Norwegian government introduces additional restrictions for Russian citizens who come to the country for the purpose of tourism. The new rules will come into force on May 29,” the statement said.

The visa regime for Russian citizens was tightened back in the spring of 2022, after which the issuing of tourist visas was mostly stopped.

“Now their entry into the country will be more limited. Russian citizens arriving in Norway for tourism and other non-essential purposes will not be allowed to enter Norway when crossing the border,” the message emphasizes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that exceptions will be made in some cases, for example, for Russian citizens visiting close relatives (parents, officially registered spouses, de facto spouses and children) living in Norway.

The message also states that “Norwegian authorities are closely monitoring the situation at the Storskog border point and are ready to take measures if necessary.”



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