Ruso Armenia

The other day, in Moscow, the capital of Russia, the wedding of the son of one of the rich Azerbaijanis took place. Many guests were invited to the ceremony.

Naturally, weddings of this scale cannot go without famous artists. One of the famous singers invited was Avraham Russo, who agreed to attend the wedding ceremony because he was asked by the relatives of the Russian bride, whom he had known for a long time.

Russo agreed to perform 3 songs, one of which he did not announce in advance, leaving it as a surprise. And here at the moment of the wedding, when the audience was already drunk enough, Russo came on stage and after playing two songs, performed the famous song Armenia Maya…

All the guests present at the ceremony were filled with surprise from the very first Krytians, because no one expected such a thing. It should be noted that Rousseau performed the song without musical accompaniment, because it was also a surprise for the musicians…

Almost halfway through the performance, some of the guests started whistling and demanding that Rousseau stop immediately. In order not to aggravate the situation, the singer paused and said that the given song was one of the favorite songs of Angela, the bride, and he found it right to play it…

Naturally, the Azerbaijanis present in the hall understood what was happening, but they could not do anything but wildly whistle. Fortunately, nothing happened to the singer and he, congratulating the newlyweds, left the hall


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