Ruben Vardanyan, the former state minister of Nagorno-Karabakh, when he tried to cross the Hakari bridge and come to Armenia, he was arrested by the border service officers of Azerbaijan and taken to Baku. The information was first written by the Azerbaijani media, then confirmed by Veronika Zonabend, Vardanyan’s wife, and then by the border service of Azerbaijan.

Dimitri Peskov, the spokesman of the President of the Russian Federation, stated that he does not have clear information whether Vardanyan renounced his Russian citizenship or not. If he does not refuse, the Russian Federation will take steps regarding the arrest of its citizen. And the Armenian government applied to the ECHR to get information about where Ruben Vardanyan was taken and what is his condition.

RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will take all possible measures to protect Ruben Vardanyan’s rights and ensure his return.

Ruben Vardanyan should definitely be freed


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