Ruben Vardanyany azat kardzakvi

Ruben Vardanyan will be released> DETAILS

Azerbaijanologist Garnik Davtyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“The Azerbaijani opposition segment writes,

that Ruben Vardanyan will be released in the near future…

Jeyhun Shadlinsky, deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Azerbaijan, played a significant role in solving this issue.

Ruben Vardanyan is a prominent Armenian-Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and social investor known for his contributions to various fields, including business, education, and humanitarian efforts. Vardanyan is also associated with the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, a prestigious award recognizing individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to humanitarian causes.

The Aurora Prize was established by the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, co-founded by Ruben Vardanyan, along with Noubar Afeyan and Vartan Gregorian. The prize aims to honor and support individuals who demonstrate courage, compassion, and commitment to addressing humanitarian challenges and promoting positive change in the world.

Vardanyan’s work through the Aurora Prize and other initiatives reflects his dedication to making a meaningful impact on global issues, particularly in areas such as humanitarian aid, education, and social entrepreneurship. His efforts have earned him recognition as a leading figure in philanthropy and social responsibility.



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