Ruben Sevaki kin

In 1901-1905 he studied under K. At the Perperian College in Istanbul. He has been involved in literary activities since his school years. Due to his love and inclination towards science, he went to Switzerland to get medical education with the advice and moral support of the director of the Perperyan College, the distinguished teacher Retheos Perperyan. Ruben Sevak’s works were published in the form of a series by his nephew Hovhannes Chilinkiryan, who also supported the publication of many articles and books about him. He founded the Ruben Sevak Award, which was awarded to dozens of authors, including the Aleppo-Armenian physician-writer Toros Toranyan, for the book “My Ruben Sevak”. H. Chilinkiryan founded R. in Nice, France. Sevak House-Museum, where in 1985 the 100th anniversary of the poet’s birth was celebrated with great pomp. in 2013 On September 10, the Museum named after Ruben Sevak was opened in the Holy Etchmiadzin Mother See, in the historic building called Ghazarapat built in the 18th century. Ruben Sevak’s work refers to the literary direction that characterizes Armenian neo-romanticism, but with its worldview, artistic thinking and style, it takes its own place in the 20th century. in the early Western Armenian literary movement. Sevak wrote on love, nature, social, national-patriotic topics. Sevak is best known as a lyric poet. Continuing the traditions of Armenian love lyrics, Sevak created a whole series of love songs, which stand out for their subtlety and depth of feeling, freshness of expressive means. His poetry is characterized by the purity and richness of the language, the variety of typographic art, and musicality.


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