“We have a gap between the citizen and the state,” Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced today while talking about having a new Constitution on Public Radio.

“We have a gap between the citizen and the state, how is this gap expressed, this gap is expressed in legitimacy because the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, which was adopted in 1995 and was amended several times, was never adopted in the conditions and environment when the Republic of Armenia the citizen should say to himself: I went, voted and accepted the Constitution. In other words, I went and recorded my agreement with other citizens and the state that we relate and live like this,” the Prime Minister said.

Nikol Pashinyan replied to the question, “It is the cracks in the existing Constitution that are the problem of filling the state-society gap.” – “Organic connection with the people is not only expressed by the fact that we have to discuss, understand all nuances, remove all formulations

The text of the constitution is mostly a matter of professional discussion and wording to serve the political guidelines, but the genetic link with the state, the genetic link with the people is formed from the moment when the people accept and confirm this condition, the first to record that they are a state. is a people and records that within the borders of this state we will relate to each other according to these rules”.


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