Red is the new border

Red is the new border

Red is the new border, we lose 4 villages

Political scientist Alen Ghevondyan published a map on his Facebook page and wrote: “Blue: Ijevan – Tiflis is the new road (through the mountains), the main one will be closed.

In the image, Red is the new frontier.

Baghanis – Voskepar road will be closed.

Berkaber will fall between two Azerbaijani villages, and the road to Ijevan will be controlled by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The road between Kirants and Atcharkut will be closed and a new road will have to be built.

Voskepar will find itself in a very bad situation, between two Azerbaijani villages and on a closed road.

Aygehovit-Ijevan road will be closed.

They are building a new road slowly. Ijevan – Yenokavan – Sarerov – Jujevan

Teghut community of Lori will become border. 8 km from Teghut to the border.

With 4 villages and 4 enclaves we lose 24 battle positions. in order to provide a certain level of security for the interior areas, there should be about 38 battle positions, because the area has shrunk, but the line of contact has increased.

Azerbaijan gets a wide opening to break free to Lori and Kirovakan.

This was passed on to me by our cartographer and friend who knows the area well. Everything is very simple and clear.”




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