Pox u hajoxutyun

Things that bring money and success. what should be kept at home?

According to astrologers, there are certain things that bring power, money, comfort, peace and success to your home.

What is desirable to keep at home?

1. Flowers growing in the soil. if you take care of flowers, they free you from negative energy.

2. Processed animal furs. these contribute to the growth of capital, only you need to pay attention to their care.

3. Dried flowers placed in a vase in the form of a bouquet. These also remove negative energy. Flowers and leaves, which are naturally dried at home and preserved, separate the energy of health.

4. Animal figurines. these protect the house from misfortune. Dogs, bears, tigers, elephants. these animal figurines will bring you good luck.

5. Pillows take care of conjugal love. According to tradition, if flowers are depicted on the pillows, then the health of married couples is taken care of, if there are images of animals, they protect from danger, if there are landscapes, it helps to achieve success in newly started affairs.



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