The joint demonstration tactical exercises of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations and the South Caucasian Railway were held in Gyumri. The information was reported by the SCR press service.

According to the action plan, three scenarios of emergency situations in the railway were developed.

“In the first scenario, a railway accident occurred in the city of Gyumri, as a result of which a fire broke out in one of the passenger cars. The second scenario involved an ammonia leak from a railroad tank. The third scenario involved the fire of a fuel tank”, the message states.

The employees of the Shirak division and the employees of the SCR “Firefighting and recovery trains” enterprise, ambulance, police, “Veolia water” and “Electric networks” companies were involved in the exercises.

Oleg Shatalov, the first deputy director general of SCR, noted that the exercises confirmed the high level of preparation of EMS rescue services and the company itself.

He expressed confidence that the periodic holding of such exercises contributes to the improvement of the readiness of rescue services in case of emergency situations.


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