Photos from the explosion

Photos from the explosion

Photos from the explosion

Yesterday, February 28, an emergency happened in Lori Marz.

At around 13:45, an alarm was received from the “Vanadzor” medical center to the Lori Marz Department of the Police of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs that the duty group of emergency doctors brought a citizen to them with a diagnosis of “polytrauma”.

Photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports that Artur Zakaryan, the head of the Lori regional police department, and Meline Yeghshatyan, the head of the Gugark police department, went to the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital told the police that the injured person is unable to explain what happened, as he is under examination.

The police found out that the injured person is 59-year-old Mher Kh., a resident of Lori region, and that at around 12:00 on the same day, the wood stove installed in the garage on the first floor of their house exploded under unknown circumstances, as a result of which he received injuries.

On the facts of the incident, documents were drawn up in the Gugark Police Department, which were transferred to the Lori Marz Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigative Committee, where a criminal proceeding was initiated with the characteristics of “negligently causing serious damage to health”.


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