Pemzashen case is requesting to be released from custody

The accused in the Pemzashen case is requesting to be released from custody

The accused in the Pemzashen case is requesting to be released from custody

The defense attorney of Vruyr Barseghyan, accused in the particularly brutal murder case of a mother and two children in Pemzashen, demands to change the chosen measure of detention – detention.

According to the information available in the “Datalex” system, Vruyr Barseghyan’s defense attorney filed an appeal, demanding to annul the court’s decision to extend Barseghyan’s detention period and to choose house arrest as a preventive measure.

The appeal was signed yesterday to the judge of the Appellate Criminal Court, Lusine Alaverdyan.

Let us remind that in 2022 On November 9, a tragic incident took place in Pemzashen village of Shirak region. Three bodies were found in one of the houses in the village.

The deceased are the mother, 31-year-old Zarine, and her two children, a 12-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son.

Law enforcement bodies reported that the body of a male child was found on the single bed in the bedroom of the house with stab wounds in the chest area, with his hands and feet tied, and the body of a female child was found on the floor of the same bedroom.

with incised wounds on the back of the chest and abdomen, female body with incised wounds on the abdomen, chest and back of the chest, with her hands tied behind her back with string.

On November 12, a 32-year-old resident of Shirak Marz was arrested on suspicion of brutal murder, who gave a self-confessional statement to the police.

The men are relatives, both are married and have children. The husband of the murdered woman was in Russia for overseas work and returned after the tragic incident.

According to the report issued by the CC, the accused entered the house to steal money, however, after learning from the landlady that there was no money in the house, in order to hide the crimes committed by them, they first tied up and complementing each other’s actions, killed the woman separately with brutality.

then the 32-year-old man, in order to hide the committed crimes, with the intention of unlawfully taking their lives, tied the children’s hands and feet and hit them with a kitchen knife on different parts of their bodies, causing physical injuries incompatible with life.

One of the men, 32-year-old Vruyr Barseghyan, was charged with items 6, 8 and 13 of Article 155, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code, Article 155, Part 2, 3, 5- 3rd, 6th and 13th points (two episodes) for murder by a group of people with separate brutality in order to hide another crime and two minors in a helpless state with separate brutal murder, by point 2 of part 3 of Article 252: by illegally entering an apartment for robbery and according to part 4 of Article 198, for committing a violent act of sexual nature against a person under 12 years of age.

The other defendant, 41-year-old Arkady Barseghyan, who, according to the press, is a supporter of Nikol Pashinyan, was charged with committing murder by a group of people in order to hide another crime and robbery with illegal entry into an apartment. Both are detained.


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