Armenia received the Azerbaijani version of the peace treaty, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan announced 1.5 months after Yerevan’s response. The Armenian official announced that the decline, which was discussed, is maintained. Although, according to Grigoryan, they refer to fundamental issues, he sees an opportunity to work.

Until now, both the Secretary of the Security Council and the Foreign Minister have talked about the regression, but they have not revealed which of Baku’s proposals are problematic for Yerevan.

During this time, Baku considered the Constitution of Armenia problematic, announced that it will not go back from the occupied territories, demanded an unimpeded passage through Syunik to Nakhichevan and talked about the return of Azerbaijani refugees.

“Since the meeting of the foreign ministers is expected, that meeting will become an occasion to discuss this answer and our previous proposals and is an opportunity to make progress in the meeting,” Grigoryan said.

The meeting of the foreign ministers was announced after the communication of the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Munich. Armen Grigoryan said that the exact date and place have not been decided yet. The format is also not clear: whether Mirzoyan and Bayramov will negotiate face to face or in the Washington format with American mediation.


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