Life in RA. Ksh zph: An unrecognizable disk of a young man was discovered. Pop-up content writes:

On December 22, a mysterious and tragic event took place in Armavir region…

Around 9:50 p.m., the Armavir Marz Police Department of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs received operative information that there was a body of a man in the “Rubin” hotel complex operating in Tsaghkunk village.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, Artur Bdoyan, the head of the Armavir regional department of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, Hovhannes Aristakesyan, the deputy head of the department for operations, Arsen Voskanyan, the head of the Vagharshapat police department, and Gevorg Mikayelyan, the deputy head of the department, arrived.

The group of Vagharshapat investigative department of Armavir Marz Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, led by the head of the department Samvel Simonyan, the head of the Vagharshapat investigative department Davit Baroyan and the investigator for especially important cases, also arrived with the warning.


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