Patmum e Lazarevy

Excerpt from the conversation with Lazarev. Your songs are mostly in English. Is it a matter of principle for you that you don’t sing in Russian? – There is no question of principle. I also have songs in Russian. I just love the English language, it’s closer to my heart. All the songs I perform are mostly written by foreign authors, and I don’t want to change anything in the original version․․

– You used to do gymnastics, you sing, you participated in the “Stars in the Circus” show, you are a theater actor, you dub films, you are also a presenter… What else can we expect from you? – By the way, now I will act as a presenter in the framework of the Ukrainian dance show My dance. Now I will devote my time to it․․

– There are many people who love you in Armenia. Fans are waiting for your solo concert. – Thank you very much: I feel very good here. I myself am very much looking forward to my concert here. I know that I have many Armenian fans. I will agree with great pleasure, we just have to wait for the invitation of the organizers․․

– You were born on April 1, the day of humor and lying. Has it affected your personality in any way? – No, it was not affected in any way. I don’t have a habit of lying, but I like good jokes :). – And have there been cases when you invited to your birthday party, but people did not believe and did not come? – No, there were no such cases. Everyone has already learned. Even at school, everyone was happy and happy to come. Well, don’t you know, when there is an opportunity to eat, everyone goes with pleasure :). And even if they thought I cheated, they would still come. – Are you an Aries by zodiac sign? And Aries are characterized by love at first sight. Is that the case with you? – Yes, it’s true, I fall in love very often. – When was the last time you fell in love? – You won’t believe it, 15 minutes ago. – Seriously? – Yes, it happens very suddenly and passes at the same speed.


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