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It is known who blew up the house. New details from the terrible case

Yesterday morning, around 11:43, a strong explosion thundered in Nor Aresh 34 of Erebuni administrative district.

According to the spreading information, the explosion was carried out by the resident of the house number 23 of the mentioned street, who had a mental imbalance and blew up the house, which caused a major collapse.

“At the time of the explosion, the father threw the car keys on the ground and said, ‘I’m gone.’ He himself found out what it was,” said one of the close family members, who did not want to be identified, in a conversation with Oragir.News.

He said that the 29-year-old Hrant Sargsyan had money problems, he took a car on a daily basis to work and pay off his debts, but he was deprived of his driver’s license, which is why the car was taken to the penalty area.

“This is his 3rd or 4th case. The police took the car to the penalty area and said that it should stay there for 2-3 months, and the owners of the car said, “We don’t care, bring 10,000 drams a day, give it to us.” After that, he came home, had conflicts and reached this.”

Our interlocutor said that the young man who blew him up is not married, he is a smart guy, he had no conflicts with anyone, the only problem was debts.




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