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On another topic. Hovhannes Marisyan and I were classmates. We were inseparable from pre-school to graduation. After graduation, we parted ways. I was a citizen, he was a peasant. I was permanently attached to the city, he devoted himself to agriculture, particularly studying the beekeeping branch, and permanently settled in the countryside.

The factor was one of the employees of the agricultural company. he came to the city several times a year on the company’s business and usually came down to me. Last summer, when he came to the city again, he took me with him to their village on his way back, so that I could rest a little and get to know his economy.

The inhabitants of the village mainly engaged in agriculture and partially in beekeeping. However, beekeeping did not give anyone as much income as Marisyan, because he was the only one in the whole village who put his economy on scientific foundations and was completely devoted to this work. In order to be able to work quietly, he built a modest two-room apartment with a wide balcony in their spacious garden, completely isolated from their old house, where his parents and his married elder brother lived with his family. Of course, he placed me with him and surrounded me with such comforts that I did not feel the need for anything. I could relax and work there.

It can be said that Marisyan was the only intelligent force in that village, and few of the local or neighboring villagers did not take advantage of his advice and take an example of his economy. Almost none of the children of rich local peasants, who at various times went to the city to study and become a “man”, returned. some had entered a diocesan school and seminary to become a priest, a teacher or a teacher, some to a gymnasium and university to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. . The only connection that remained between them and their relatives left behind in the village was that every year they came to the village during the harvest and brought their family’s annual supply of all kinds of goods from the village to the city – flour, wheat, oil, cheese, wine, honey, fruit. etc. Perfect leeches.


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