Nor Nork

On another topic. 49 people were arrested and transferred to different police units, “Azatutyun” reports, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Narek Sargsyan. According to him, there are also detainees in the police division of Tavush marz. The “Martial Brotherhood” congregation also confirms that the number of its detained members has reached 49.․

Earlier it was reported that 24 people were arrested. They had planned a visit to Upper Voskepar this afternoon, according to the congregation, for tactical training. Yesterday, however, the organization informed that “representatives of the Criminal Police of Armenia visited the office” and urged them to refrain from this initiative. Meanwhile, according to Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan, the leader of the “Martial Brotherhood”, they had decided to make the visit.
The congregation informs that a group of members reached Voskepar, three people were arrested.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during meetings with the residents of Voskepar and Kirants villages the other day that it is Armenia’s policy not to allow it. He spoke about demarcating the border in front of the Armenian villages of Tavush Marz – Voskepar, Baghanis, Kirants and Berkaber – as one whole piece.


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