Nor Erg Ladaniva

Thanks to the victory of the Swedish singer Lorin last year, the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Sweden, the event will take place in the city of Malmö in May 2024. This year, Armenia will represent the Ladaniva group at the Eurovision Song Contest. The public television company adopted the decision by internal election. “Ladaniva”, consisting of Armenian vocalist Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas, is a bright fusion of Armenian folk and world musical influences.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on May 7 (first semi-final), May 9 (second semi-final) and May 11 (final). Armenia will perform in the second semi-final.. Despite many positive reactions, there were also negative evaluations about the group, many called this group rabies, many Indian, and many consider the group so primitive that they are convinced that the Ladaniva group is Eurovision 2024. who will not pass the final.

They have quite colorful videos as well as colorful songs. It’s good music for a person in a good mood, drunk and not demanding, so to say, songs of a carefree person, maybe that’s what people are looking for. Today there is a great need for it, but in any case it would be good if Armenian music was played for Armenians. Singing in Armenian does not mean singing an Armenian song…


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