Nikol Pashinyan.

Nikol Pashinyan…

Pashinyan published the slogan of LIBERATION of RA statehood

After the occupation of Artsakh and the deportation of the indigenous majority, Pashinyan’s speeches and interviews are dedicated to the “justification” of the dissolution of RA statehood.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Pashinyan complained that he had not found the title yet, but after arguing with the patrols about the homeland-state, on October 30, he published the title-slogan for the budget debate in the National Assembly: “The homeland is the state. Do you love your homeland, strengthen your state?”

The public has already understood that Pashinyan’s speech on any topic is a manifestation of his commitment to close or cancel the given topic. until now, the exclusion of discussions on the political settlement of the Artsakh problem and status issues and the neglect of relevant international resolutions, the dissolution of the extraterritorial status of the Berdzor Corridor, the occupation of Artsakh and the deportation of the indigenous majority, the “legalization” of the occupation of other regions of Armenia in the UN and other high international courts.

Pashinyan’s agency mission, the destruction of RA statehood, is carried out in two directions: the destruction of Armenian rights and the establishment of the so-called rights of Azerbaijan and Turkey, with the guarantee of keeping the latter from responsibility. Pashinyan consistently follows this path, and his speeches are designed in hostile capitals to adapt to the neurolinguistic coding of the Armenian community.

His speeches during the launching of the patrol service in Artashat and the discussion of the budget in the National Assembly are already the “presentation” of the concept of dissolution of RA statehood.

Among the puns of those speeches, the main messages are as follows: 29.8-Almaty is not a guarantee (I read in the encyclopedia that the territory of Armenia is 29.8 square kilometers, Pashinyan).

Demilitarization of RA, exclusion of armed resistance, according to the declared course of “regionalism” and awareness of geographical location, what will remain of the motherland is the state, or vice versa (during the 32 years of our independence, our key issue has been the existing and continuously increasing conflict between the interests of the state and the Motherland, conditionally in other words, the tension, the sometimes forced directions of attraction between the Motherland and the State, the impossibility of making a choice between the State and the Motherland. But no matter how impossible the choice is, it must be made – Pashinyan). The meaning of regionalism was clearly formulated by another CCP joker, Alen Simonyan: “what we gave is not our homeland”.

Expropriation of RA territory through corridors (crossroads of peace), mass settlement of squatters in Yerevan and along the corridors, with the establishment of privileged, including political rights. RA NSS and police divisions will monitor their security (Pashinyan made this statement after Baku expressed “concern” about how free movement in RA territory will be ensured).

As for Pashinyan’s statement about “agreement on the 3 main principles of the peace treaty with Azerbaijan”, it should be noted that Baku has no problem agreeing to them or not. Territorial integrity, demarcation, sovereignty over communications are easily subject to “rebranding” in terms of content, which is what is happening.

The 3 principles, 29.8, and Soviet maps are meant to spread dust in the eyes of the public. It is not by chance that Pashinyan has stuck to them, consistently refusing the international and domestic legal base fixing Armenian rights. It is the mechanism of alienating the territory of Armenia and abolishing Armenian statehood by deporting the population. In short, the same as what happened in Artsakh.

Discussions among media and political science about Syunik and enclaves are “a little” optimistic. By recognizing Nikol-KP, Artsakh and Nakhichevan as part of Azerbaijan, it opened the way for a direct attack of the enemy against Yerevan.

The public continues to be under the pressure of Nikol’s intra-Ryrolinguistic coding and the hostile propaganda of his pro-Russian “opposition” and “pro-Western” press, which is 99 percent of it.


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