Nikol Pash

Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan presented the consequences of the document signed by Nikol Pashinyan in Granada… “By registering the territory of Armenia as 29,800 square kilometers, we hand over to Azerbaijan a number of territories in the Tavush and Ararat regions…
Azerbaijan refuses to give the Armenian enclave (Artsvashen) to Armenia. In other words, we do not get anything in return for the concession.. As a result of the territorial concessions, we receive a direct military presence of Azerbaijan-Turkey in the regions of Tavush, Ararat and Vayots Dzor…

As a result of the same territorial concessions, Armenia is deprived of its two main safe roads connecting with the outside world… With the new concessions, the main roads connecting Iran and Georgia will come under the control of the Turks (thus the “North-South” road project will die). In other words, the beautiful appearance of “de-blockade transport” turns into a complete blockade of Armenia in reality.


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