Nazeni made a SCANDAL statement after being dismissed from “Armenia” TV

Journalist Artak Aleksanyan was the guest of the “Live Talks with Nazeni Hovhannisyan” program. He left the field of journalism last year and is engaged in publishing.

During the program, Nazeni Hovhannisyan talked about not working at “Armenia” TV. “I was dismissed from the job. Artak is out. We live our lives quietly.”

In a conversation with, Nazeni Hovhannisyan did not deny the information. “What I said is said. There is no special reason to address it. I don’t know why they released him, maybe they had a special reason. Nothing special is apparent. In any case, I don’t work there. That is a fact. It would be good if they removed it 20 years ago, I would live my life even more freely.”


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