Narek’s prayers

The miraculous prayers of “Narek”. Prayer to overcome fear

Saint Grigor Narekatsi’s “Book of Tragedy” or “Narek” is a brilliant work of Armenian and world spiritual literature. For centuries, this book has been worshiped by our people. Prayers that heal the soul and body are considered separate chapters of the Matyan.

The belief in this book is so great that even today people put “Narek” in the beds of sick people, read verses for the treatment of various diseases. Back in the Middle Ages, special lists attached to “Matyan” manuscripts listed diseases and the corresponding prayers for their treatment.

THE THING IS: Prayer for overcoming fear and healing fever


You who have done so many miracles,
Father most creative, name terrible, voice terrible,
The name is sweet, the speech is kissable, the effect is wonderful,
Terrible command, inscrutable essence, unspeakable existence,

Truth inexhaustible, power inscrutable, will most kind,
Lordship infinite, greatness
immeasurable, incomprehensibly high,
Quantity immeasurable, advantage unattainable,

Cause of the Son, by paternity, but not by being a preposition.
Through you and through your infinite power
Rebuke my tormenting and diabolical fever,
Who, pretending, entered with sin to escape from man,

Awestruck by the tributary of the mighty and abundant blood of the heavenly lamb,
With which we were sprinkled even once, but we were cleansed forever.


And now, created by the respectable humility of this council
Let the devil be ashamed of the evil deeds of his angels,
Let him suffer and be persecuted, leaving and being exiled
From the den of the body that is your dwelling into the darkness outside.

And erase, wipe, you mournful tears from our faces
And the rider sighs from our hearts,
Remembering the shocks of those poles that are luscious, pestilential and deadly,

With which the One was nailed to your tower of the cross , may the evil come to pain
And from the sharp crash of the side-splitting arrow,
From which he received a deep and great wound,
Let the cause of death be completely satanic, perish….

(translated by M. Kheranian)
Source: Matyan tragedy, Etchmiadzin, 2012.


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