A few days ago, the talented singer, artist left the earthly life and went to eternity. Ara Martiorsyan was immediately loved and accepted by the public that everyone was talking about the tragedy that happened…
Aran was only 46 years old. young, but with the intelligence and wisdom of someone who has lived several lives. Unfortunately, the disease was stronger and took him away from us, although the legacy of art left by Ara will live forever…
We present the latest letter below:

I have been as honest as possible. I never liked to play characters and roles. I have always tried to stay the way I am in life. It was also expressed in my songs and performances. I didn’t try to please the audience, I did what my heart dictated. And now how happy I am that thousands of people understood and understood the language of my heart..

How happy I am that with my songs I was able to move, make happy and why not, also sadden my listeners. To give him the feeling he needed at that moment. But I am most happy and proud of the fact that I was able to convey to the listeners what I felt myself. May my songs always be a friend for you, a friend who always understands and comforts you, conveying love and peace․․

Friends, let’s note that the letter has a futuristic nature, and we are sure that it says what Ara really felt and would convey to his fans, listeners and audience. Rest in peace, ARTIST!


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