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On another important topic. “The rating of Democratic governance in Armenia has decreased from 2.50 to 2.25 in 2023 due to the consolidation of power by the Government, the dismissal of opposition mayors by the central authorities, a trend that has been ongoing for several years, and the lack of transparency of the ruling party’s financial resources,” the statement said. is the authoritative Freedom House, in the report published yesterday on countries in transition.

Noting that in 2023, Armenia has made serious positive reforms in the fields of judicial system, police, fight against corruption, education and territorial administration, the report states. – “While some reforms provide effective regulations, they often fail to achieve their goals due to poor or inconsistent implementation.”

Democratic management։ The human rights organization operating in Washington for more than 75 years notes that the main domestic political event of the past year was the Yerevan Council of Elders elections. “A third of Armenia’s population lives in the capital, and this vote can be seen as a test of confidence between the extraordinary parliamentary elections in 2021 and the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2026,” Freedom House said, adding that observers generally assessed the conduct of the elections positively. , noting that it was free from election bribes and pressures that were widespread at the time.


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